(Lleida, 1964). Graduate in Contemporary History and Art History. Specialist in history of the cinema and audiovisual arts. His research on precinema and early cinema stands out, and his direction and/or participation in projects of recovery and treatment of the audiovisual heritage does too. He has collaborated on cataloging projects with “Filmoteca Española” and has directed agreements for cataloging fund of the “Filmoteca de Catalunya” and recovery of film heritage in the “Arxiu Municipal de Lleida”. He was founder of “Cine-ull”, “Cineclub de la UdL”, and is the commissioner of “Filmoteca Terres de Lleida”. Member of “Domitor (An International Association Dedicated to the Study of Early Cinema)”, the “Asociación Española de Historiadores del Cine”, the scientific committee of the seminar on the origins and history of cinema of the “Museu del Cinema de Girona” and interuniversity research group “LAIA (Laboratori d’Investigació Audiovisual)”.