Doctor from University of Lleida and Special Award Degree in Modern History from the University of Barcelona in 1986. In 1987 presented his graduate thesis Estructura Social i Cojuntura Econ˛mica a Lleida (1880-1892) which analyzed the social impact of economic transformations in the short term. Since then he has worked in the field of study of economic changes and their impact on society. He has focused his teaching on the world of Economic History and since 1991 is professor (TEU) of Economic History and Institutions at the University of Lleida, where he has taught Modern Universal History, Modern History of Spain, Universal Economic History, Economic History of Spain and Economic History of Catalonia. Is coauthor of the book on the History of Lleida of 19th century and author of several research articles on Economic and Social History. In the field of university management has been academic secretary of the Department of Art and Social History and a member of the Board Professor of the University of Lleida. He has taken part in several international research groups, European integrated actions and research groups and is coordinator of the Espai Docent i Investigador IberoamericÓ  (EVDIIA). Currently he is coordinator of the rectorate of the Universitat de Lleida.