Ph.D. in Social and Cultural Anthropology, his research has focused on two fields, political anthropology and cognitive anthropology, and one area of studies, African societies, with particular attention on the island of Madagascar. In the first field, the axis of reflection has been the interaction of traditional power relations with modern forms of power in two time frames, the precolonial world and the post-colonial period, with special attention to the processes of democratization since the 90's. In the second field, interest has been directed towards finding the adaptability and utilitarism of traditional knowledge systems in development contexts, in relation to the extension of the scientific paradigm. This research work has mainly developed within the Group for the Study of African Societies (coordinated by Ferran Iniesta, UB). Albert Roca is editor of the Studia Africana review and member of the inter-university network ARDA (Agrupament per a la Recerca i la Docència d'Àfrica). It is also member of the interdisciplinary group of development and multiculturalism studies of UdL.