María José Vilalta holds PhD in Early Modern History. She got her degree at the Universities of Lleida and Barcelona and is Full Professor in Early Modern History. Her first research work focused on the field of social history and economic studies and, later, she began to work with the methodology of historical demography and family history with several articles on migration, family structure and social and economic changes in the urban world of the Ancient Regime Spain. She has written a volume on 16th century history of the city of Lleida (Lleida, 2003). As a member of a social history and literature integrated action between France and Spain, she has contributed with four essays on social class and family in the 19th century Catalan narrative. She is a member of several research teams (like GIEDEM and CAEM), is coordinator and director of various editorial works, has been member of the editorial board of the Revista de Demografía Histórica and is historical consultant of the Lleida Museum. In university management, she has been academic secretary of the Department of Geography and History (1989-1995), Vice Dean of the Faculty of Humanities (1995-2001) and Head of the Department of Art History and Social History (2010-2016).